Leadership Capacity 10-15 Minutes : The National Association Of Secondary School Principals

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Leadership Capacity—10-15 minutes
Review the document (attached) from the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) 10 Skills for Successful School Leaders. These skills apply to any school leadership position. As you pursue this department chair position, select (2) skills that are areas of strength. Select (1) skill that is an area of growth. For the interview, be prepared to talk about and answer questions regarding your strength and growth areas when considering this leadership role and how those have manifested in your leadership development.

2 Personal Strengths
Setting Instructional Direction. My interest in Instructional Design began during my first year of teaching when I had poor classroom management skills and looked for solutions to managing a disruptive classroom. I learned that I was in charge of my classroom, the kids’ behavior was up to me, and the easiest way to have a smooth classroom was to design lessons that did not allow for off-task behavior and to deliver those lessons with strong instructional strategies. Because it was up to me to engage my students in their own learning, I had to find instructional strategies that worked for my kids, and I’ve spent the past 18 years continuing to do so. The result has been my passion for teaching and learning.

Developing others. Being a teacher and an Instructional Coach have taught me in a variety of ways how to gather and use data, both quantitative and qualitative in meaningful ways (We
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