Leadership Case Problem

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Week 5 Case Assignment

Read Ch. 7's Leadership Case Problem A - "Ray, The Empowered Athletic Club Director" pp. 242-243. Analyze Questions 1-3. 1. How effective is Larry’s approach to empowering Ray to boost enrollment?

I would say that Larry’s approach to empowering Ray to boost enrollment wasn’t effect at all. Larry told Ray, “Ray you are empowered as the manager to boost enrollment working within your advertising budget. Boosting enrollment is your responsibility, not mine….” With that being said I would say that isn’t much of an empowerment speech or boost. He should have given him some ideas of how to get more people in because it was clear that Ray was doing everything to try. There isn’t much Larry can do to empower him
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3. What might Larry do to help Ray boost enrollment, within the limits of empowerment?

The only thing I think Larry could do to help Ray boost enrollment, within the limits of empowerment, would be to give Ray some guidance. The best thing to do is to point Ray in the correct direction, if not telling him exactly what to do but give him ideas of what he should possibly to do boost enrollment.
Read Ch. 8's Leadership Case Problem B – "Maya the Manipulator" pp. 273-274. Analyze Questions 1-4. 1. In what specific ways is Maya being a manipulator?
There are two specific ways that Maya is being a manipulator in this case problem. The first way is with the sales rep from New Jersey, Ivan. She manipulated him into spending a bunch of time on getting one contract signed by telling him that he could get a double bonus. When Ivan invested all his time into this contract. He noticed that he got based the regular amount of a bonus. When he confronted Maya about it she brushed it off and said “she told him that he could be eligible but did not imply a guarantee.” The second situation has to do with the sales rep from Chicago, Courtney. Courtney was in a meeting when she stated that she had the best last year and then was asked if she would credit Maya with her biggest individual sale. When Courtney didn’t want to Maya try to manipulate her by reminding her that
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