Leadership Change: A Common Challenge for Organizations

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This is because new CEOs are bringing with them a particular management style and philosophy that could be different from their predecessor. In the case of Verizon, the firm has gone through these kinds of issues with the new CEO Lowell Mac Adam. To fully understand what is happening requires looking at: the vision / goals, culture, changes, union negotiations and the results of new strategies. Together, these different elements will highlight the overall challenges facing Verizon and how Mac Adam's leadership techniques are addressing them. ("Year in Review," 2011) (Buckley, 2012)
His new vision / goals strategies and how he implements them Lowell Mac Adam's goals are to make Verizon into: a major cellphone, cable and video communications provider. This is because technology is changing the way consumers are communicating and connecting with each other. In order for the firm to remain competitive, they have to be able to provide these services at the lowest cost and offer more to customers. This means that their profit margins will have to increase. To achieve these objectives, Mac Adam's has been asking his unionized employees for major reductions in the firm's contributions to pensions and health care. Moreover, executives want changes to the number of vacation / sick days and work rules. This is taking place, because the fixed line division is incurring…
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