Leadership Characteristics Of A Good Leader

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Leadership may be defined in many ways. Characteristics of a good leader is questionable. Leadership styles and theories, such as servant leadership, collective leadership and dictatorship may vastly differ but still share similar attributes. While servant leadership and collective leadership similarly encompass specific attributes, the collective leadership theory lacks vision and empowerment.
Leadership characteristics differ in leaders. There are characteristics that make the difference between a qualified leader and a good manager. According to Godin most people hired to be leaders are just really good managers. A manager knows what needs to be done and finds the people to do it. Whereas, good leadership is all about finding the right people, embracing their failures, challenging growth, coming to a common goal, and then moving out the way for the tasks to be done (Godin, 2014). Good managers may be easily replaced; someone only to keep order and time. There is something to be said about the qualities that make up a good leader-- fixed characteristics that every leader should encompass and some that are negotiable. Some of my non-negotiable characteristics of a leader is someone who embraces honesty and empowerment but is also strategical and enterprising. One who believes in integrity, is a positive influence, but has a plan of action and will work just as hard with the people to succeed. Philippians 4:9 says, what you have learned and received and heard
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