Leadership Characteristics Of A Nurse Leader

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The kind of nursing leader I will be a nurse who can collaborate with a team of staff who will care for patients. According to Rose Sherman, EdD, RN, NEA-BC, CNL and Elizabeth Pross, PhD, RN, author of Growing Future Nurse Leaders to Build and Sustain Healthy Work Environment at the Unit Level, gives descriptions of nurse leaders. To be an effective leader, there are characters leading to a type of nurse leadership. Whether I 'm dealing with a struggle between co-workers or an intimidating personality on the team, I want to successfully manage the relationships around myself. A leader 's characteristics can identified as how the leader can direct, motivate, guide and manage groups of people. Leaders can inspire for change and transformation. This may motivate others to achieve, establish and initiate. How each person leads, there are vast differences. Fortunately there are multiple of frameworks that better identify and understand these distinctive leadership styles. Autocratic leadership, is a style which is characterized by the individual control over all the decisions and little input from group members. These type of leaders rarely accept advice from followers. These type of leaders tend to be bossy and controlling. Failing to consult with other team members in such situations hurts the overall success of the group. For example, the nurse who has been a unit manager for several years has been promoted to chief nursing officer. Generally, she gets along with…
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