Leadership Coaches Ask Clients Critical Questions

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Dr. Tim Clinton (n.d) asserts “John Maxwell Definition of Leadership – “Leadership is simply influence! If you have influence in the life of another individual – “You are a leader!” (p. 2). Leadership coaches ask clients critical questions and are a source of encouragement with realistic goals that propel clients to a promising future. Bill Coleman came to this coach for intake as a potential new client seeking a leadership coaching relationship. Bill referred to this coach by an old client, who achieved tremendous results from their leadership coaching sessions. Bill is twenty-seven, not married, however, in a serious relationship. Additionally, he is currently the senior salesman for Rid Alert a fast paced and upcoming pest control company in the Chicagoland area for the past four years. Bill earns over a hundred thousand a year in salary and commissions. However, Bill expresses unhappiness in his job position and has an inability in finding contentment with his current standing at Rid Alert. This coach notices from this intake that Bill is an excellent communicator, however, undervalues his influence among his subordinates and upper management. Upper management at Rid Alert recognizes Bill’s talent, but often point out Bill’s lack of leadership in the sales department. Bill endeavors to establish a cohesive presence amongst the sales team, although the sales team motivation appears money driven; the leadership and comradery are lacking. Hebrews 10:23-25 teaches “Let

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