Leadership, Collaboration And Team Work

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Allio’s Five big leadership ideas
In his article on the five big leadership ideas that he has summed over the years, Allio (2010) raises a few points that are relevant to a culturally diverse workplace when it comes to leadership, collaboration and team work.
• Allio acknowledges that there is no singular way to lead an organization to achieve success. He talks about the different leadership styles and standards that have been in effect over the years; noting that no singular style of leadership is consistently successful. In summary, Allio (2010) says ‘an ideal leader is a myth’ (p.6). Every leader must therefore make his own path and hope that it leads him to success in his time. He also points out the idea that in as much as the theoretical and ideologies of leadership can be passed on to people, the behavior itself cannot be taught and one has to learn it (Allio (2010: p. 9).
• Collaboration and teamwork is another aspect of leadership that Allio (2010) points out as being important. He supposes it being more effective for a leader to influence than to coerce his followers. When followers are coerced, the will to do the assigned task is not in them, and they just accomplish tasks in order to complete them. When they are influenced on the other hand, they are willing to accomplish the tasks given successfully. For a culturally diverse workplace to function well the leader should practice participative leadership…
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