Leadership Comparison Between Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates

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Leadership style of Sir Richard Branson and Knight Bill Gates

Table of Contents 1. Executive summary 3 2. Introduction 4 3. Get to know Sir Richard Branson 5 4. Get to know Bill Gates 6 5. Leadership styles used by Sir Richard Branson 7 6. Leadership styles used by Knight Bill Gates 10 7. Comparison of the leadership styles of Sir Richard Branson and 12 Knight Bill Gates 12 8. Which of the two characters seemed to be more effective? 14 9. Conclusion 15 10. Appendix 16 11. References 17

1. Executive summary

This report contains the characteristics and comparison between the leadership qualities of Bill Gates and Richard Branson. Here it is discussed how Bill
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In this report it is discussed further with more details about Sir Richard Branson’s successful leadership style and Knight Bill Gates leadership style comparatively and contrastingly.

5. Leadership styles used by Sir Richard Branson

Ones Sir Richard Branson stated that “You can’t be a good leader if you do not genuinely like people” (CBS interview). This is how he defines the leadership management style. Through the newspaper articles, television shows it could be judged that Sir Richard Branson as a very humble, Down to earth and a friendly person. Sir Richard Branson’s characteristics are as follows (Stephen, 2005).
First main characteristic he pointed out was “Smile” everything gets much easier if people can show up a friendly face. Secondly have fun at work. Stress can be massively cut down plus employees will not feel the hard work by having fun at the working place. This was one reason Sir Richard Branson’s companies were successful. The employees of these companies enjoyed working. Branson made sure that the working environment of his companies always adapted accordingly. He came from a simple family background with the above mentioned characteristics so the leadership qualities were also very much simple. As it was mentioned in the introduction Sir Richard Branson was not a fan of theories. Even though his leadership style was very simple he never referred strategies and worked according to the theories. But it could be seen that his leadership
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