Leadership Concepts Of Accountability, Responsibility And Risk

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Leadership Concepts of Accountability, Responsibility and Risk
Accountability, responsibility, and risk are three key leadership concepts that should be properly understood and applied for successful management of resources. Each of these concepts plays essential roles in the development of sound leadership decisions. Conversely, accurate and prompt decision making significantly contributes to the performance of leaders in different organizational settings. As a result, it is important for leaders to examine the key elements and links existing between the three concepts. This is because different stakeholders look at leadership, which is supposed to apply different success concepts to take care of their interests. This paper discusses the role of the three important concepts for leadership in healthcare industry and how they may be employed by leaders to improve patient outcomes. To begin, it is essential to indicate the definition of the three leadership concepts as done in the following section.
Accountability, Responsibility and Risk First, accountability is one of the most important qualities of a good leader. Accountability refers to the need for leaders to recognize and assume responsibility for their actions, decisions and policies they advocate for. An accountable leader is therefore able to stand for whatever he has done within the organization and provide justifications for doing so. In most cases the principle of accountability requires that
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