Leadership Corruption Of The United States

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Leadership Corruption in American
Corruption is almost legal and open in political life of American. The political field of the United States is just as a big stage, on which those young talent and who are in authority, show off as an old saying expressed, “You just finished and I come on the scene”. However, there are doubts that people can hardly receive any hearing of news about a real corruption in American, for the statesman do not corrupt in any unacceptable ways. In recent years, many corruptive cases show frequent occurrence in America. It was only the tip of the iceberg. This essay gives an analysis of leadership corruption from some specific examples.
2.1President Bush -Involved in the Case of AIRONGROUP,Inc
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So, the problems of AIRON are not only standing on operation and financial audit but also a political earthquake that has shocked the masses. Bush was always considered a man with the bound of group interests by the Democratic Party of the United States. But then, the Bush government answered to the problems in an astute way. On the one hand, they tried to protect the profits of the stuff. On the other hand, they warned the Democratic Party not to play any tricks. The other protagonists emphasized clearly that most of leaders in Democratic Party were ever endowed by AIRON.
2.2 Evidence of Corruptions for Vice President
On June Second, 2012, a hacker found the evidence of vice president Dick Cheney who helped a company named Harry Burton sign up many profitable contacts during the period of Iraq war. The total sum went up to seventeen billion dollars. The unknown hacker sent the evidence to the TIMES. In his letter, he said a military officer confirmed to have cooperation with Harry Burton. That was because the whole process was guaranteed by the vice president Dick Cheney. However, the spokesman of Cheney denied the partnership in business between Cheney and Harry Burton. And he emphasized that Cheney had already given up on business but devoted himself to politics.
Actually, as early in 2001, the GAO( Government Accountability Office) planned to send Cheney to court. But, he refused to cooperate. The relationship between the
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