Leadership Corruption Of The United States

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Leadership Corruption in American 1.1Introduction Corruption is almost legal and open in political life of American. The political field of the United States is just as a big stage, on which those young talent and who are in authority, show off as an old saying expressed, “You just finished and I come on the scene”. However, there are doubts that people can hardly receive any hearing of news about a real corruption in American, for the statesman do not corrupt in any unacceptable ways. In recent years, many corruptive cases show frequent occurrence in America. It was only the tip of the iceberg. This essay gives an analysis of leadership corruption from some specific examples. 2.1President Bush -Involved in the Case of AIRONGROUP,Inc Last December, the largest energy trading company AIRON in the world made a record of 49.8 billion dollars on heritage protection. This case has shocked the whole society and made the history of it. Recently, the details of the case are under a heat discussion of American media. The misdeeds on trading, falsity on the profit reports and the close relations with the Washington political circles were discovered thoroughly. What’s even more arresting is that the conflict was pointed at the President Bush and his government. The case itself was equally considered as a political scandal as the water gate scandal and the Iran gate scandal. Bush had to face the media reporters on person and announced that the justice department had already launched a
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