Leadership Course Reflective Essay

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It would appear that my original theory regarding the applicability and practicality of this capstone was accurate. This course has managed to successfully supplement the knowledge I had previously acquired in other courses. For example, I was familiar with and understood the basic principles of leadership. However, this course has taught me that the ability to lead is not an exact science, but an art and determining how to proceed when faced with uncertainty or a highly volatile situation is an exceptional challenge. Moreover, several of the courses I have taken have falsely led me to believe that leading in the private and public sector is fundamentally identical. However, those courses did not effectively convey to the student that the private and public sector are unique entities that have different motivations, objectives, and are commanded by individual forces. In addition, this course has modified my perception of the public sector so that it closely aligns with reality and made me aware of the existence of circumstances I had neglected to consider. For instance, this course made me…show more content…
I took a public speaking class at NAU; however, I merely enrolled in this course because it was a requirement and I failed to fully embrace the meaning of the concept. This capstone, on the other hand, has accomplished in convincing me of the true power in communication. Professor Stroh arranged for several guest speakers, each with their own unique communication style, to address our class. I admired the abilities of each speaker and acquiring their skillset is a primary goal I have for the future. For example, Paul Melcher spoke eloquently, his lecture was well-structured, and he did not rely on notes for support. Consequently, I will strive to incorporate his strengths as a speaker in my effort to establish a dialogue with
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