Leadership Culture : A Review Essay

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Leadership Culture: A Review of the Literature
Dallas Benson
Liberty University

Culture represents the informal set of attitudes, beliefs, goals, norms understandings, and values that provide both a sense of identity and purpose to an organization. Research into the influences of management on corporate culture include insights from a variety of fields to include business, economics, politics, psychology, and sociology. This review examines the literature on organization design and leadership as influencers of innovation and change. Specifically, the paper investigates the link among mechanistic and organic structures, leadership, relationship styles, and change management. Transformational leadership style is associated with organic structures; transactional leadership style is associated with mechanistic structures; idea generation is significantly related to Transformational leadership; implementation is significantly related to transactional leadership; and, the relationship style (between the management and the organization, the employees and the organization, the management and the employees, and amongst the employees) dictates the impacts the transformational and transactional leadership on idea generation and implementation respectively.
Keyword: Innovation, Change Management, Leadership, Management, Organization Theory, Organizational Structure, Literature Review Influences of Leadership on Organization Culture
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