Leadership Decision Making. Leaders Will Undeniably Be

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Leadership Decision Making Leaders will undeniably be faced with a plethora of different decisions to make. Some of the decisions that they make are not necessarily the most important decisions that are needed to be made, and in most cases these minor decisions will affect nobody but themselves. However some of the decisions that they have to make can affect every person that is involved with the task at hand. Making these kind of decisions big and small are part of what is expected from someone in a leadership position on a daily basis. The fact that it is such a large part of what is expected from them makes it a very crucial skill for a leader to have. Leaders have to not only make the decisions but they also have to know how to…show more content…
This approach is needed as Thomas has already asked the staff to read the book and implement the philosophy, however had no success. With the participative leadership style in this case study, the CEO would ask his leadership team to contribute by gathering opinions and ideas and presenting them however, ultimately Thomas would make the final decision on which idea or recommendation to move forward with. In this autocratic decision-making approach, Thomas would make his decision based of the ideas and recommendation gathered from the division group members, then he would communicate out his decision to division group members and resolve any objections at that time. Buy-in is not seen as an important aspect of making this decision. And actually, it may be counterproductive to involve a lot of people in making the call as in this situation, Thomas wants to see fast results and feels by taking an autocratic participative decision making approach, then this philosophy that he believes in will be implemented in a timely manner. It is the best decision-making approach for this scenario as this approach involves quick action. The CEO is the ruling person while making
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