Leadership Details Of Steve Job

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Leadership Assignment:

Leadership Details of Steve Job &Bill Gates
Among both,Bil Gates is more effective dueto his vision and success entrepreneurship to the world as example.
. The exploration of becoming a consciousness leader in
Business reveals not only the interiority of exceptional leaders, but supports a
Paradigm shift in leadership, business, and sustainability. This understanding
May also provide encouragement, inspiration, and hope to those who are actively
Involved with wealth creation in a business environment as well as to those who
Struggle to live a life of meaning within the same context. (Bozesan 2009)

This flexibility and adaptability makes the performance of the
Entire team increase and makes the organization more able to achieve its goals (Chritine2013)
That is why I believe that a leader open to new can
Encourage and inspire trust in the team that is going to put into practice those
Brave and risky projects. An innovative management is based on improving the
Economy of the organization, strengthening its position on the competitive market,
Protecting the personnel as well as the environment. (Cristina 2013)

For the comparative study of two business leaders, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, once pirates, now legends, are forever linked in tech history.
Both were born in the same year (1955), both dropped out of college to follow their passions.

Bill Gates(October25,1955,Seattle,Washington,Harvard College)
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