Leadership Development : A New Person On A Russian Tv Channel On Unpaid Probation

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Leadership Development Consider Polina Lopatkina, a new person on a Russian TV channel on an unpaid probation. When she just came to a studio for the first time, everything related to the work behind the scenes was new to her. She was looking at her team, which consisted of 5 women, and learning how to create a TV show from scratch. The duties for the whole group were to write a scenario for an episode, fill it with interesting media files, find people who would like to participate in the show and write their speech, find experts, invite celebrities, and work with all these people throughout the whole process. During the first day at work, Polina was trying to learn as much as possible about her duties, develop working relationships with…show more content…
Polina used to think that one approach can be applied to all situations, but in fact it seldom could. Her followers were reflecting her despair reaction at situations that were different than she expected, so soon enough Polina realized that it is better to confront her own views for a better results and started trying to approach double-loop learning more often. Once she changed her attitude, her followers started feeling better about blind spots that almost always happen in the TV production industry. Helping her followers to deal with stress by giving them some spare time to spend with celebrities and motivating them to work by monetary reward helped Polina to gain her followers’ trust. In a while Polina noticed that she had been already working for that TV channel for nearly 3 months and she was still not officially hired, working 10 hours a day for free. Even though she enjoyed her job and experience, she decided to talk to her boss about the situation. She explained, that her work was successful either was her team’s perfomance. Polina was told that even though the company saw her as a very hard-working and good-perfoming person, they had no vacant places at the moment to hire her. As Polina really loved the work she was doing she decided to stay and work even harder for accomplishing the goals and showing that she deserves the next availiable spot. In a week after she had a meeting
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