Leadership Development : Developing Leaders For The Success Of An Organization

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As the pace of business, and organizations escalate, long-term success and competitive advantage need to be taken seriously. To have a good chance at this success, leadership development should be a significant area of interest. “Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal” (Northouse, 2010). So the question becomes, is leadership development, effective when it comes to developing leaders for the success of an organization? This is probably a question that has been asked many times. It is known throughout cooperate world by many, that leadership affects various areas of an organization. Although there has been an abundance of investigations into the study and practice of…show more content…
The Path-Goal Theory in leadership development is related to achieving goals. In a research article by Mind Tool (1996-2015) it states that the theory was developed by a psychologist named Robert House in 1971, and updated in 1996. The theory presents a method of helping achieve goals based on what you want to accomplish and the organization’s current situation. The author argues that this theory can be used in four types of leaderships. First, supportive leadership in a way that focus on relationships by showing sensitivity to individual team members and considering their best interest. The author maintains that the support works best when the tasks are repetitive or stressful. Secondly, directive leadership meaning communicating goals, and expectations as they are distributed to subordinates. Directive leadership works best when the task is unstructured or complex. Thirdly, participative leadership, which work best when team members are experienced and their expertise and decision are considered before making decisions. Fourthly, achievement-oriented leadership which alludes to setting goals for the team and maintaining high standards for everyone. The best result is when a member are unmotivated or unchallenged in their work. It appears that all of the theories and model mentioned have a significant impact on
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