Leadership Development

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Leadership development SMART Goal 1: To improve my communication skills and relationships with other nurse managers by scheduling monthly meetings S- Specific o Who- I o What- Create new channels of interdepartmental communication to improve my personal communication skills o Where- A hospital M-Measurable o How: By scheduling regular monthly meetings between nurse manager representatives of the major hospital departments to target areas of critical concern A-Attainable o Resources/Expert: Staging a preliminary meeting between department heads and talking to human resources to arrange for a conference room and a periodic but 'floating' monthly meeting time slot R-Realistic o Realistically obtainable: A monthly meeting is not too onerous upon the schedules of all staff members, and if there is a time conflict, another representative of the department can fill in or the date can be 'floating' so long as it is monthly T-Time bound o Specific dates: Within a month Plan of action: Contact all representatives of all hospital departments to arrange for a meeting to discuss improved coordination of care; communicate and coordinate using voice mail and email; arrange for a conference room and lunch through human resources; create a short presentation to discuss the need for regular monthly meetings. Organizational Goals SMART goal 2: To reduce medical errors over the course of the next year by 10 percent S- Specific o Who- Doctors, nurses, and other hospital personnel
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