Leadership Development Pl Assessment

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Leadership Development Plan: Assessment

What is the outcome of the leadership development plan? Was the plan successful? What could have been better executed within the plan? These are questions that need answers when assessing and measuring the effectiveness of a leadership development plan. In order to effectively measure the outcome of the plan, the correct tools must be utilized. Multi-source toolkits are often utilized to measure the effectiveness of the plan and its outcomes by offering objective input for an unbiased source (Eckert, Isaakyan, & Mulher, 2014; and CPP, Inc., 2014). Feedback is also provided from various points of views and assessment points. For example, CCP, Inc. (CCP), suggested the use of the Myers-Briggs Instrument along with the Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II Assessment. Because these two tools measure different aspects of leadership (personality and theory) a more well-rounded view of the assessment is available and bias is less likely to occur by measuring the plan from two totally different perspectives. In addition to these two tools, the 360 feedback assessment will be utilized. Use of the 360 feedback assessment will ensure that the measurement of the plan is being assessed by those would use and benefit from the plan. A 360 feedback assessment comprised of a conglomerate of tools from multiple sources will introduce the concept of personalization for the organization
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