Leadership Development Plan

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Leadership Development Plan In creating my personal leadership development plan, I will first provide an overview of what I have found to be my strengths and weaknesses and in doing so will make a distinction as to my leadership style. I will then discuss recent activities I have undertaken which have served to underscore these strengths and weaknesses. Finally, I will lay out my plans for future growth and development as a leader. There are several activities & assignments that have been provided throughout the duration of this course that have allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. However, there were three tools in particular which were exceptionally helpful in aiding me in identifying these important aspects of my…show more content…
Finally, the “Psychodynamic Approach Survey” identified my personality type as ISTJ. This means that I am internally focused, factual and specific person who is detached in the decision-making process, and emphasizes control, planning and structure. Taking all of this into conjunction, this reaffirms my lack of ability to interact with others on a personal level. Finally, referring once again to the in-class presentations, I applied a technical method to these assignments. Although I understood the respective subject matter very well, I felt compelled to develop a script. During the question & answer session following the second presentation, I did not prepare a list of responses to obvious/predictable questions. As a result, I found it more difficult to interact with members of the audience in addressing/answering any such questions. Again, this serves to emphasize my lack of ability to interact with others. To further support my beliefs and findings, it would be best served to provide an example of one of my most recent experiences in a role of leadership. In my current position, I am in charge of processing time & attendance data (payroll information) for a relatively large staff (57 employees). The automated time & attendance system used by my employer is disorganized and ineffective. In particular, the system can only generate basic reports of accounting, and leave usage categories (i.e. sick leave, vacation leave, etc.). I recognized this
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