Leadership Development Plan Feedback ( Ldp )

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Leadership Development Plan Feedback Feedback is a key part of a Leadership Development Plan (LDP). It is designed to improve the performance and share information during this process. Feedback is essential and should be clear about its purpose and intent. It is important to address feedback with the specific individual that it 's intended for. This will help limit confusion and negative feedback. This paper will identify the different types of feedback that will be in the Leadership Development Plan, along with how often each type will be used. In additional to how the feedback will be discussed, tracked, and will also provide sample forms that evaluate the feedback. “Let no one seek his own good, but the good of his neighbor (1…show more content…
Therefore, feedback is designed to provide useful information to participants to help develop and improve them as leaders. It should not be used to hurt participants or make them feel bad; however, feedback is needed for improvements and coaching in order to move them to the next level. According to Hughes, Ginnett, & Curphy (2015) “The skill of giving constructive feedback, however, inherently involves actively giving feedback to some else. Getting helpful feedback is essential to a subordinate’s performance and development. Without feedback, a subordinate will not be able to tell whether she’s doing a good job or whether her abrasiveness is turning people off and hurting her chances for promotion (p.444).” Mechanism Communication skills are very important in a LDP and feedback is needed to make sure it’s being communicating effectively. There are many different ways to give feedback such as written, verbal, or face to face. Written communication can be in the form of a memo, email, or by using questionnaires and surveys for feedback. When using written communication it is essential that the message is perceived the way it is intended. It’s important not to use jargon or slang which cause people to misunderstand the message. Questionnaires and surveys offer feedback by asking questions and participants have an opportunity to respond by completing the forms. This gives participants a way to give feedback on the LDP. “Let no corrupting talk
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