Leadership Development Plan Research Paper

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Leadership development plan
There are certain qualities such as integrity, hard work, dedication and accountability which makes a leader. One of the key characteristics of any leader is the capacity to inspire other individuals. Individuals from a group or a working environment some of the time require an impact that drives them to success. Leaders are individuals who must propel and forward others. Good leaders must be great at group building.
Powerful leadership is significantly more than just giving assignments and heading. It requires vision, joint effort, arranging and practice. Furthermore, this all requires some serious energy and a great deal of diligent work. A leader exceeds expectations in a few zones, additionally comprehends his
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But I would like pull out some my strengths. My strengths include creative thinking, strategic thinking, confident, open minded, focused, trustworthy and straight forward. I like to help out others and share the work when needed. Strongest point in my strengths is communication. I always try to interact with lots of people by which I think I would be able to communicate effectively during the stressful conditions. I am also a good listener and thereby take decisions regarding the matters. I always like to motivate and encourage my friends on specific issues if they need help. I am always open to suggestions and advices, if I am taking a wrong step. I am punctual about my work and also expect the same thing from other people around me too. Giving respect to everyone and my social skills for connecting with people are embedded or have a deep root in me. I am never judgmental about anyone’s work or even I do not like to give negative comments until it is required. I have a problem solving capacity by recognizing the problem and by relating with the cause and effect of it. I am also a goal oriented person and could perform multiple tasks at a same time. Managing or supervising capability in me looks as on more side of the other employee as a friend than just as a subordinate. As a leader I could make ideas success related, clearly communicate objectives and results, delegate them, provide clear standards and expectations, develop controls
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