Leadership Development : The Entergy 's Fleet Development Leadership Program

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Leadership development is a way of teaching others through a social learning processes how to interact appropriately with others, create relationships, delegate and coordinate activities, create bonds with others in the organization while learning what organizational resources are available (Getha-Taylor, Fowles, Silvia, & Merritt, 2015). The Entergy’s Fleet Development Leadership program is essential to the continued success of not only Entergy, but also to the fleet department. The plan will focus on improving current leader’s ability to lead others while training employees to become future servant leaders. It will concentrate on developing servant leader’s skills in a variety of areas such as compassion and sensitivity, composure,…show more content…
They will be able to motivate and inspire their employees; they will be competent and capable of conducting their daily duties. They will have met all of the criteria stated earlier in this paper and they will be a great asset to the department. Plan Phase I The first phase will consist of conducting leadership assessments, enrolling members in formal training, and a brief introduction into non-formal training techniques and last they will begin looking for a mentor. This phase of the plan will allow individuals to discover how their personality treats affect their leadership skills. • The assessment will begin by having participants taking personality and emotional intelligence analysis. The analysis will include personality assessments such as the big five, Myers & Briggs personality, along with several others that can be found for free online. • They will also participate in a 360° feedback model created strictly for the fleet department. • They will take a survey of satisfaction that will later be used to measure the success of the program. • Participants will be enrolled in Entergy’s formal leadership development program and they will be required to repeat this two-year program every five years • They will be briefed on non-formal training such as journaling, voluntary leadership book club, mindtools.com, personal development plan workbook by James Manktelow, reflecting on experiences and other tools. • Participants

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