Leadership Development and Leadership Effectiveness

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Leadership development and leadership effectiveness
Francis Amagoh
Department of Public Administration, Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Purpose – It is important that organizations embark on leadership development programs that will enhance leadership effectiveness. The purpose of this article is to identify some leadership development initiatives. Design/methodology/approach – The paper uses a review of the literature to offer some leadership development practices. Findings – Leadership development should be comprehensive and systematically integrated into the
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Critical to the success of any leadership development process is the ability to encourage participants to reflect on learning experiences in order to promote the transfer of knowledge and skills to work contexts. The concept of a leadership development culture is similar to the idea of a learning organization (Vardiman et al., 2006; Senge, 1990). A learning organization facilitates change, empowers organizational members, encourages collaboration and sharing of information, creates opportunities for learning, and promotes leadership development. According to Allio (2005), the primary goal of a good leader is to reinforce values and purpose, develop vision and strategy, build continuity, and initiate appropriate organizational change. Allio (2005) adds that it is important that leadership developers first establish a metric for assessing leadership effectiveness, and then design experiments that can establish a causal or statistically significant relationship between training initiatives and leadership competency. It is also necessary to develop a better understanding of the conditions or contextual factors needed to enable the development of effective leaders. With such an understanding,

senior management can develop the conditions necessary to facilitate the growth of future leaders. Successful leadership development process also depends on the ability to encourage participants to reflect on learning experiences in order to promote transfer of knowledge and
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