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Erin Brockovich Leadership Review

MSA 601 Organizational Dynamics and Human Behavior

Submitted by:

Tabitha McDaniel

Project Instructor:

Kenneth Lynch

November 11, 2014

Erin Brockovich

“Leadership always comes down to a question of character.”

- Management expert Warren Bennis (Judge,1999)

Being a good leader is done by making the correct choices and inspiring people to complete their tasks and work together as a team. In order to be a great leader you need to think outside the box and travel the road that is seldom or never traveled. A great leader will use their inspiration and determination to complete the tasks no matter what hurdles or problems they
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She does this even though many wouldn’t even attempt the case because of the high degree of difficulty and the incredible amount of work that needed to be completed. There is also a challenge when dealing with a large corporation that is lying and covering up the truth.

There are several traits that make an effective leader and the leader must know when to engage these traits in order to be effective. These traits are integrity, sociability, determination, charisma, confidence and intelligence. Erin Brockovich was very effective at knowing when to engage these traits throughout the entire film. A couple examples are when she is gathering information and interviewing different people. She is determined to get the answers needed and everyone has different personalities causing her to engage her charisma and sociability. Even though she is under educated for this type of research she stays confident and stays on task.

Erin also showed her ability to be a leader by displaying different skills necessary to complete the research she needs to finish. She learns to manage her time and she also learns to manage people and different relationships. Learning to manage these relationships is paramount in order for her to be successful. So much of what she does involves her working with people and gaining their trust, that she doesn’t learn this skill it would be catastrophic for her
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