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Annie, a lonely, shy girl with no friends, dreams of become part of something and by doing that she is running for the student council position, president. Sophia, a polar opposite of Annie, is pretty and popular with many friends, and the closest ones are in her clique. Sophia has had a little history with Annie, with them being mean to each other and Sophia making Annie seem like a bad person in middle school. Annie is a very forgiving person, so she pushed it to the side and did not let it get to her even if it caused her to have no friends in High School. Sophia on the other hand thinks very highly of herself and knows she has many friends, so she can beat Annie in the presidency. Both competing for the presidency causes tension…show more content…
Annie finally pushed all her good will and kindness out of the way, and planned out her sabotage alone, with no friends near her, just to make sure no one gets into the way. Annie thought about checking someone's grade point average, and without asking them is hard especially when you have no connections, but maybe easy since many think of Annie as a good girl. Sitting at home, thinking of ways to see Sophia's grades, had troubled Annie to a certain extent of trouble and stress. After hours of thinking what to do Annie has thought of her master plan and it was going to take place at school tomorrow morning, and first thing was talk to Sophia. “Hey Sophia” were the first words coming out of Annie's mouth, Sophia turned around with a disgusting look on her face saying “Who are you”, Annie muttered in a shy tone “ Im Annie Kort, im in your senior class.” Sophia says with a confused look “ Are you the one running against me for president?” Annie says “Yea that would be me” the bell rings and the two walk away, and there was a smile on Annie's face because the first part of her plan was complete, talking to Sophia. Knowing she at least took part in some type of conversation with Sophia, Annie was moving on with her plan. After moving on with her plan for three days, Sophia and Annie were talking as if they were friends forever but it was only two days. With the power of convincing, Annie persuaded Sophia she would need help in her Chemistry class.
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