Leadership Essential Seminar Summary

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The seminar “Leadership Essential” hosted by our speaker Julio Melara started with the explanation of the fundamentals, the three areas that would define our life: Stewardship, Relationships and Leaderships.
• Stewardship means faithfulness, how do we oversee duties, and how we conduct our affairs.
• Relationships are the most important and include growing, developing and cultivating long-term relationships. Communication was explained in detailed as being the most important part of relationships.
Leadership is based on character, person’s competency and influence. Sarros & Cooper (2006) suggested that character as a leadership trait consists of six elements: drive, desire to lead, honesty and integrity, self-confidence, cognitive ability, and knowledge of the business. It is critical that business leaders are aware of their character dimensions, their strengths and weaknesses, in order to prevent chaos and despair from occurring. As an alternative, leaders with character should be able to build organizations with strong cultures that promote honest and healthy dispute among workers and try hard to achieve work outcomes that have social as well as economic benefits. Furthermore, leadership with character is a powerful means of building company cultures that have both moral as well as economic necessities. Studies revealed that that leadership is vital to the social, moral, economic, and political fabrics of society (p. 4, 5).
At some point of the discussion we were
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