Leadership Ethics and Culture Essay

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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine leadership ethical views in different cultural and organizational setting. The researcher will compare and contrast leadership ethics in different cultural and organizational settings. Finally, the researcher will provide a conclusion.
Leadership Ethical Views in Different Cultural and Organizational Setting According to Razzano and Nelson (2008) Siemens AG which is a transnational organization headquarters in Munich Germany was charged with bribery by the Security and Exchange Commission. Siemens AG is an electrical-engineering company with interests in everything from bullet trains to medical diagnostics. Siemens is considered one of Europe’s largest technology companies
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Both employees were terminated for their unethical behavior (Miller, 2008; Brown, 2011; Hensel, 2010; Cleveland, Favo, Thomas & Owens, 2009).
According to Brown (2011) KBR leadership ethics has cultivated an organization culture that is unreliable, disorganized, and untrustworthy. KBR leadership promoted and encouraged unethical behavior and business practice which has been fostered throughout the organization. Leaders and employees only engaged in unethical behavior and business practices when conducting business with third world countries. The company had established ethics policies and stated that compliance and integrity was at the core of everything the company does. Furthermore, according to the company’s ethics policies, everyone from the top to the bottom would be held to a high ethical standard and violator would be punished (KBR, 2012).
According to Boje and Khan (2009) Nike a global, multicultural, international organizations headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon is one of the largest manufacturers of sporting goods and apparel. Nike is a multi-billion dollar company with thirty two years in the business which is considered a premier position in the American footwear industry. The company has a practice of outsourcing production and manufacturing of good in countries which are in the
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