Leadership Expectations And The Negative Impact Of Gender Bias For Women Essay

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Leadership Expectations and the Negative Impact of Gender Bias for Women
Kimberly N. Ramirez
ORGL4400-A Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership
Elizabeth M. Stork, Ph.D.
Robert Morris University
December 16, 2016
As society moves away from authoritative leadership and into transformational leadership style preferences that grant wider success of employee retention, morale, and growth, women’s natural skill sets are demonstrably more successful in filling the job. However, women continue to be deeply underrepresented in higher levels of public and private organizations. Exploring the complex nature of gender stereotypes and how they perpetuate female inequality in leadership opportunities, this paper explores why this continues, who is at risk, and how women are better cut-out for the job.
Keywords: women, leadership, expectation, stereotypes Leadership Expectations and the Negative Impact of Gender Bias for Women
“[When] no information about performance was given, females were perceived to be less competent and less likely to succeed in a male sex-typed job,” (Scott, 2005, p. 2). The stigma against women in non-traditional roles run deep and wide. Despite a longstanding struggle of earning equality in comparison to their male counterparts, females continue to wrestle to achieve an equivalent social standing, especially with regards to leadership capabilities and opportunities. The question then remains: are men actually better leaders than women?
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