Leadership Experience - A Personal Perceptive Essay

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Effective Leadership
The purpose of this personal assessment is to devalue an incident in which I believe I performed my very best, within my leadership capability, according to organizational policies, and lawful regulatory compliance while protecting cultural competence and our organization from any legal repercussions. Business environment will continue evolve and it is pivotal to the success of the organization that all potential leaders acquire the fundamentals of understanding human behaviors within a multicultural atmosphere. Different situations will arise in which leadership will need to focus on the many aspects of one’s personal beliefs, culture as a whole, and productivity at the least. What is evident is the diversity within
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The incident in question has placed me in a unique opportunity; as the facilitator of this situation would be best to approach this in a manner that would best benefit the organization, including my department. Although I am already conflicting within with personal and professional points of views, addressing the situation will become a challenge. Despite who initiated this situation or who escalated the situation, resolution must be determined in the best interest of communication within our environment.
Leadership Applicability
Leadership styles and behaviors very depending on the organization needs, cultural diversity, and human behavior (Northouse, 2013), however, no one leadership style is more effective than the next. Working in the healthcare industry, I’m exposed to an extensive array of different characteristics ranging from patient to professional to external third-party contractors, including the diversity within my department. However, given the situation in question position the position I’m placed in can only mean one thing; following the set forth policies will be the direction that is taking for the situation, this will allow me to remove myself personal perceptions and beliefs. As a
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