Essay on Leadership Experience Analysis – the Young Public Leader

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Assignment 1 Week 3: Leadership Experience Analysis Daniel A. Chintersingh PAD515007VA016-1128-001 Leadership and Conflict Resolution Professor: Dr Mark PANTALEO October 28, 2012 Leadership is ultimately a social development process. There is a perception that being a young leader can lead to exuberances if temptations and peer pressure is not resisted, and that young public leaders face serious administrative and political challenges. This perception is viewed as a social acceptable norm in the society in which we live. Evident of this is in our constitution which states clearly in Article II, Section 1 “…neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been…show more content…
I have also examined the current political situation in Jamaica. Several young public leaders were brought in when a new administration was formed in January of this year. Currently a tense situation exists between two members of parliament and their constituents. Published information indicates that these men choose the moral high ground of political leadership by not engaging in garrison styled politics. They have refused to join the status quo of their party and may be facing political suicide. First example is that of Damion Crawford. He sought to move away from garrison styled politics and became ostracized by his constituents for not issuing out scare government funds to them. He is also seen as a failure by his political party for his non-corrupt stance and how it has impacted the social media. Even though he is young to public leadership, he is seen as a champion for a better Jamaica, by well thinking Jamaicans. “The problem in Crawford's constituency, which is being played out in so many others, is that they (MPs) were "parachuted" into the constituency at the 11th hour. Some still don't even know their constituency boundaries, the districts, communities or even their key workers, much less the constituents they represent’- (Vaz, D, 2012). A second Observer article states “The NDM said if Crawford was successful in this quest it would "ensure a brighter future for
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