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Jose Alfredo Villacis Morla Global Leadership Paper#1 Being one of the captains on my high-school soccer team Leadership experience happens everywhere, every time, and people don’t realize them until your followers or the situation let you know you are acting as a leader. Definitely being a leader is not easy. It depends in different factors or abilities. One of them is the personality of the person who is trying to act as a leader. The other is the position because in most cases the leader will have to put him or their group in a position which will benefit all of them and in which the result will be positive too. Lastly is the expertise, leader are not born or made. For this paper, the leadership experience I choose is in my last…show more content…
Finally I scored and we won the game and I took my team to the final game in which we ended up winning the regional championship. Feelings and words are the best way to describe this great experience I had during my last two years in high-school. The ones I choose are brave, loyalty, confidence, experience, friendship, and results. Brave because I was brave enough to even I was still a junior I did not back up or say no to the position my teammates and coaches put me into. Loyalty due to the fact that on the inside of the team they were no secrets because of the relationships we built which made us closer every practice. During those last two year I gain a lot of confidence and experience in myself not only in my soccer but also in my life. Both of them made me grow up in a positive way being a better person and an example to my teammates. I think the word friendship explains it all; I made great friends maybe my closest ones until today. The last word is result and this is due to the fact that we won two titles when I was a captain, one regional championship and one conference tournament. To conclude this paper I would like to leave a short but a very powerful quote that made me feel better when I read it. “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others”. During my experience my primarily two reason of why I was working hard as a leader was to my teammate’s better person and better
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