Leadership Experience

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Leadership experience Introduction Management is a vital process in the smooth running and operation of a company or organization. It is in the management level that a clear vision and mission of a company is set (Holan & Phillips, 2002). Leadership and management are therefore essential in achieving organizational goals and objectives. The Riverside Pediatric Associates case is common in companies and entities that fail to fit into the dynamics of an expanding work place. Human population is constantly increasing and so are clients of a once best rated health facility. However, the changes of the Riverside pediatric facility are not in conformity with the fast increasing demand for medication. Worse still are the incongruities of…show more content…
Having set the pace of motion, the staff will work with the mind of benefitting themselves and the company at large. This will therefore mean that the effectiveness and oneness of the employees is harnessed for the change required. Unity is strength in instituting change in a company (Hockin, 2007). This is the ultimate focal point at this stage, gaining it is regaining the glory of the Pediatric facility back. Culture and values of the organization should also be revisited. The scenario in this facility under observance is seen to be watered down by the conditions of operation. The values once held by Hudson and Sanchez have been eroded due to the pressure observed. There is an employee who is fired because of arguing with a frazzled parent while another resigns due to the incapacitation and disenfranchisement of the working conditions. Clearly there is a poor work condition in the facility. The core social values of a caring hospital as envisioned by the Sanchez and Hudson in the initial stages have been eaten up. There is need of redesigning a clear cut vision, mission, values and work culture. This will include the work ethics and ethos, code of conduct while in the facility and the general change of the mindset of the employees. This will take a while, but
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