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Cpl Smith 20 March 2013 Integrity The United States Marine corps is America’s number one force for many reasons; our ability to protect the nation, the self-sacrifice we have endured, and our integrity. The Marine Corps has always been known for its standards of self-discipline that allows us to maintain the great quality to accomplish a mission. The Corps is a symbol of honor, it demonstrates the courage we have, and the commitment we give ourselves for greater reasons. These core values are taught to us at recruit training so that we can continue the legacy of excellence and upholding the highest standards possible. Integrity it’s not just the foundation of the military but of life. One’s integrity shows character, morals, and…show more content…
We can also find integrity in some of the leadership principles; know yourself and seek self-improvement and seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions. If we know we lack honesty or maybe we are misguided, we must fix it; sometimes it takes more than just admitting it. The leadership traits and principles are qualities of thought. These are important qualities to have because most people are looking for a trust worthy leader that they can depend on. If we apply this, means we are maintaining the highest standard of character and integrity whether on or off work. I have personally witness a situation where integrity played an important role which happened three years ago when I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan. My liberty buddy and I went to another base to go to the exchange store. Inside the store we separated and went on different ways. I did my shopping and when he was done he told me he was ready to leave. On our way to the our home base I noticed that he was wearing different shoes, and asked if he had bought them and threw out the old shoes he was previously wearing. He then told me he had changed his old shoes inside the store with the new the shoes without paying for them and walked out. I immediately got mad and told him that was the wrong thing to do and that he could get into serious trouble and insisted to go back to the px then said he was going to take care of it. That night the company first sergeant
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