Leadership Failure: Justin Marshall Case Study

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Leadership Failure The top reason for leadership failure is the "inability or unwillingness to build relationships and a team environment" (PRWeb, 2011). Building relationships and a team environment include learning to understand culture diversification and how cultures can work together for team success. This understanding must fit with the company's values and corporate culture and requires interpersonal skills, motivation to lead, and previous experience. Justin Marshall clearly had proper education and experience in the American national sense and had been successful with American business. Justin also had plenty of motivation to lead because he had went back to school for the MBA to learn skills to do so. He had no international experience. The differences in businesses from one country to another can cause conflict due to the diversity of the countries and the way business is performed in each country, as well as the various belief systems of the people. Justin may not have understood this in order to fully understand the diversity of the company employees in the region. Not building relationships in a team environment could have caused Justin to come across as rude and inappropriate, which in turn, would have caused morale problems with employees. Building teams enables employees to learn to work together for higher performance levels and meeting goals in appropriate and timely manners. This gives employees a chance to use individual talents in ways that boost
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