Leadership Failures And Challenges Of Leadership Development

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“Leaders are not born, they are made.” This quote can be seen at numerous officer training programs throughout the United States armed forces. Reflecting back on my officer training up to present, I can agree with that quote. Early in my training process with ROTC, many of my mentors told me that most of my leadership development would take place when I fail at something. Though I knew their advice held some merit, I did not fully grasp what they meant. Even now, I still am learning from their mentorship. As the topic of leadership development is explored, we will examine leadership failures, successes, and challenges that have played significant roles in my leadership development. One of my most challenging tasks was being appointed the…show more content…
As I progressed through my first semester, it became readily apparent that this style of assignment management was not sustainable. I was sacrificing sleep, friendships, and various other areas with in my personal life. However, as I moved into my sophomore year, I was able to develop some person boundaries and better manage my time. I learned to properly prioritize my tasks and homework assignments. Doing this allowed me to sleep more and workout. During my junior year, stress management transformed from a failure to a challenge. Specifically, I challenged myself to plan obligation so effectively that I could pursue hobbies and travel more. I was successful in that endeavor. It was also during this time period where I learned to say “no.” When classmates would ask for my assistance or my boss would ask me to accept additional responsibility, I would make sure I could sustain my current production levels without being them being drastically impacted. Sometimes, that meant telling people “no.” While in my senior year, I was finally able to properly find healthy and sustainable ways to manage my stress. A leader needs to be able to take care of themselves in order to carry out the mission and take care of their followers. That being said, individual leadership development is as critical as group leadership development. Another area which I have noticed significant growth in over the past three years concerns
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