Leadership For An Advanced Practice Nurse

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Individual Leadership Assessment Paper

Meta Cristiano

NUR 604-QM2: Leadership in Advanced Nursing Practice Roles

School of Nursing

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Fall, 2016

Individual Leadership Assessment Leadership is a very important role for an advanced practice nurse. There are many leadership styles a person can utilize when working in a collaborative team environment. It is the responsibility of an advance practice nurse to take on a leadership role and finding which leadership style to adapt can determine the success of creating a successful work environment. The purpose of this paper is to analyze different styles of leadership, assess our emotional intelligence finding our strength and weakness and lastly defining leadership in our own terms.
Assessing Emotional Intelligence
Having self awareness is a significant attribute to utilize when leading/managing others, interacting in social events and making personal decisions. Having the insight to distinguish your emotions, then using that knowledge to manage your behavior and relationships is being emotionally intelligent (Bradberry & Greaves, 2009). After using the Emotional Appraisal Instrument, I learned that self-awareness is my strongest emotional intelligence (EI) skill and my weakest EI skill is social awareness (TalentSmart, Inc., 2016).
In my future role as an advance practice nurse I will be spending my time interacting with patients discussing their complaints…
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