Leadership From A Nurse's Perspective

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Leadership in Clinical Nursing When one thinks of leaders, they think of those who hold a high profile position or someone who is highly visible in the public eye. A leader, regardless of prestige is someone who can easily influence and inspire the actions and goals of others. The definition of a leader in Nursing Leadership and Management in Nursing states, “leadership is commonly defined as a process of influence in which the leader influences others towards goal achievement (Kelly, 2012 p.2). Leaders are needed at all levels and nurses take a leadership role by being advocates for their patients. There are many leadership theories and styles in nursing but this paper will focus on transformational leadership and its application to nursing. Transformational leadership is important in nursing, due to its ever changing and ever evolving healthcare methods and technology. Leadership from a Nurse’s Perspective Shelly, traveling registered nurse, has worked as a nurse for 25 years. Being a travel nurse, she has had the opportunity to experience many different facilities, cultures, and people throughout Florida. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing and throughout her career; she has held the leadership position of charge nurse several times. Shelly states, “ It is a huge responsibility being a charge nurse because you are not only responsible to manage staff but all their patients as well (Shelly, Personal Communication, 2015)”. Her advice is that when being in a
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