Leadership Goals And Exercise Preferences

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While in the Corps of Cadets I want to develop into a transformational leader who inspires people. I want to help people reach goals they thought were impossible. When I leave Texas A&M, I plan to make the company I work for better because of my contributions. My team will be the highest performing, most efficient, and most cohesive. We will set the example. To develop into this style of leadership I will assess my current strengths, weaknesses, and leadership style.
I believe my two biggest weaknesses as a leader are trying to please everyone and being too tedious. Trying to please everyone causes indecisiveness and usually ends with everyone unhappy. I often put the task at hand after the people it will affect. For example, I made a workout plan for my outfit. While drafting the plan, I asked for input from a lot of different people in the outfit. I was looking for everyone’s fitness goals and exercise preferences. I planned on making a great, comprehensive workout plan everyone would like. However, trying to fit everyone’s goals and favorite workouts into the plan was unrealistic. The first workout plan I came up with was confusing and ineffective. It was useless. After realizing how impractical it was to make everyone happy I rewrote the plan in the way I thought would be most effective for meeting most people’s goals. Additionally, I incorporated as much as the input as possible and omitted it when not possible. I learned that leading people towards their goals is not
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