Leadership Goals And Objectives Of The Global Automotive Industry

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Leadership is an essential element in every human group because it is a fundamental component without which would be hard to adequately orient efforts towards a common goal. According to Schneider and Schröder (2012, p. 269) “leadership is the set of capabilities that a person has to influence a group of people, making this team to work with enthusiasm in the achievement of goals and objectives”. Applying this concept to the business administration area, leadership is related to the managerial or leadership skills that an executive has to influence and direct others to achieve the goals and meet the needs of the company in an efficient and effective way. A leader seeks to develop the full potential of company and workers (Chase, Connelly & Griffith 2012)
Carlos Goshn, CEO of Renault-Nissan Alliance is recognized as one of the most important leaders of the global automotive industry, having won respect by leading the transformation of the Japanese company Nissan, which from the crisis in the 1990s has become in one of the industry 's most innovative brands. He is considered a leader who broke paradigms and creates his own strategies and rules to succeed in a competitive market. (Stahl, Mendenhall & Oddou, 2012 )
In many ways, the style of a leader defines an organization. If the organization is faithful to its philosophy and mission, the style of its leader must be consistent with them. The leadership style is the way a leader achieves its purposes. It can
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