Leadership Has Not Changed Very Much From The Beginning Of This Course

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My view on leadership has not changed very much from the beginning of this course. However, I have been able to learn more formal theories and ideas that support my definition of leadership. I have always compared leadership to management because though the two are different when it comes down to it, they do share a few similarities. My definition of leadership that I referred to throughout this course was: a continuous process where an individual motivates changes and inspires others to achieve a common purpose. This course really confirmed for me that leadership is an ongoing process and one is never done learning how to become a leader. This course made me realize though, how management is good, but good leadership is more important to a company. We look at several studies about how a manager’s leadership can influence sales, employee motivation, and so much more. For me, this reinforces my idea that being a manager is just not enough anymore, but one also has to be an inspiring leader for their followers. Leadership is taking what management does a step further by understanding their followers, encouraging growth, and inspiring a way to get there. Finally, this course confirmed for me that there are no set personality traits that make someone a good leader. Instead, there are traits that are common amongst leaders. This does not mean that those who do not possess those traits cannot become leaders, it just mean they may have to work a bit harder than others.
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