Leadership - Hooters: More Than Just Wings

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Hooters: More than Just Wings
(“Aint No Thing Like a Hooters Chicken Wing”)

Ever since the first Hooters Restaurant opened in Clearwater, Florida in 1983, Hooters had been a hot fanamina. With locations in over 42 states, Hooters is in attempts to push itself in a global market and becoming one of the top food leaders in the industry. Its tremendous success has allowed it to have franchises all over as well. The concept of Hooters is basically featuring good looking women to market and sell their food and drink items. The great leaders down in corporate who started this business have had great success and have a very strategic organizational structure of managers and employees.
Roles of Leaders: In 1983, a group
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This helps in creating a more harmonized work environment for all employees and avoids any confusion.
Four Functions of Management: In an establishment such as Hooters, all four functions of management must be implemented in order to assure success. Planning, organizing, controlling, and leading all go into account when it comes great management and creating and maintaining a healthy work environment. Planning is the first step in the process of proper management. Hooters has a CEO which has a vision and created the idea of Hooters. Then it goes down to the managing director who actually organizes the plan and route of how to accomplish that goal or vision that the CEO has and making Hooters a hit. Hooters also comes up with a mission in which case is,” Our mission is to provide a family of hospitality and services that achieves excellence and enhances lifestyles of all who come in contact with the Hooters brand.” (www.hooterstory.com, 2006). From there controlling comes into play. This is where the General Manager of each store takes over and helps direct the team in the same direction as the original vision. From there it is up to the assistant managers to make sure this job gets done efficiently. The ending results all depends on the hooter girls which are the main attraction. Always service with a smile keeps customers coming back. All four functions of management work together at all

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