Leadership Identity Paper Part I

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Leadership Identity Paper Part I Gage Bailey Christopher Newport University This paper will serve several key principles: to summarize my past, to explain which theories of development I find most applicable to my life today and to discuss my values and how they affect my style of leadership. Firstly, after analyzing the Leadership Identity Development Model, I find myself within the Exploration/Engagement stage; I am becoming involved with many new organizations, identifying my strengths and weaknesses, and developing my skills, while viewing where leadership takes place and considering my role within the process. Herein lies my life story, and the beginnings of the search for my leadership identity. Growing up in the south is usually a pretty peaceful event; it’s quiet and there’s never too much going on. As a child, I attended a small private school in Tennessee. My three best friends, Hannah, Zane and Chandler also went to the same school with me, and we were all in the same sunday school class. I spent my entire childhood with these three friends, and many of my fondest memories come from this period. When I was entering the sixth grade, my dad had to move to Virginia for his job, so my mom and I came with him. My parents bought a house in Chesapeake, and I began going to a public school for the first time. I expected a big difference, and I was worried that I was going to hate it there (picture the scene from Mean Girls where all the teenagers are acting
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