Leadership In The Catholic Church

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Leadership structures
Due to the catholic church being one of the oldest established organisations throughout the western and eastern world, the hierarchy and leadership roles are very complicated. E.g
You could go from a priest to a pastor who leads and is in charge of a parish, and the ranking of bishop whose role is to watch over all of the priests within the dioceses. There are many other positions in the catholic church, with the highest rank being pope, which is seen as the successor of saint peter

How are members initiated into the Catholic church and what are the requirements of becoming a member?

To be initiated into the Catholic Church requires 3 stages of sacramentality. These three stages are
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The most common and well known type of worship within the Catholic Church is the mass, this is held at any time and is usually run by a priest. The service involves a number of hymns, readings and prayers from various people and the priest. Holy Communion is also recieved during mass. Another way the Catholic church worships is just dedicating their entire lives to the Lord. There are many significant and beautiful places in which the Catholics gather to hold their masses and church meetings, usually these are held in churches but sometimes just a place that has been made sacred is peaceful enough to worship.
Give examples of some of the ritual actions that occur in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has a lot of ritual actions although they are not seen as “ritual” within the community. These include the counting of the rosary beads, making the sign of the cross, the receiving of the blood and bread of christ and many other things that are repeatedly processed during mass or just during daily life. The Seven Sacraments are the most important rituals in the Catholic Church. This involves the three sacraments of initiation, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders and
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Some common practises include bible study which has been practised for millenniums and the tradition of having a service every Sunday. The church is always practicing the three initiation sacraments, the Holy Communion is very common in every service because of the way it brings people with faith closer to the Christ. They teach that Jesus is the Son of God sent to die for the sins of the world and God is a triune God, consisting of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The official teaching has been the same for many years, just like the apostles passed on the Gospel message it is still a matter of word and mouth. There is the use of the bible and God’s word to pass on the teachings, but priests, church communities and the Pope are few of the many that pass on the teachings using word and mouth.

What is the Sacred writing of the catholic church and how are these sacred writings interpreted?
The primary religious writing of the Catholic Church is the bible. The church pursues from the word of God and what is written in the Holy Bible. There 3 guidelines that the Catholic church use to interpret Scripture. This involves being especially attentive “to the content and unity of the whole Scripture” says Mark P.Shea, to read the Scripture within “the living Tradition of the whole Church” and to be completely attentive to the
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