Leadership In The Workplace

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What is leadership and how do I intend on practicing it?

Leadership is leading a group of people to reach a common objective. Healthier systems, the industry in which I plan to be a leader, are comprised of various departments, professional groups, and specialties which depend on leadership because they need to capitalize on diversity within the organization to work towards common goals (Sakai, 2013). Programs and organizations can achieve results in complex conditions through leadership. Having strong leaders is critical to the team's success. The leader can influence the group to achieve the organizational goals. I believe everyone has some leadership potential in them, and it is ingrained with their creativity. Everyone can have an imagination which is helpful in improving situations in new ways of organizing and self-empowerment.

During the semester, my overall perception of leadership has not changed significantly. However, my ideas and knowledge of what a leader has considerably expanded throughout the course. I have learned that effective leadership is crucial to the development of becoming a professional as well as enhancing the patient experience. Leadership impacts our daily and future lives, so it is important to create a positive environment in the workforce. To be a good and successful leader, the individual must
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Using social media platforms is essential in social networking and collaboration within an organization. When one articulates one's passion, the leader can make the vision of the organization clearer to all stakeholders. This would help the leader unite with team members and contribute to bringing about confidence because there is a clear set of values (Ambler, 2013). I will use social media, through LinkedIn, to engage with the community and promote employees that are skilled to other
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