Leadership Influences And Definition Of Leadership

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Leadership Influences and Definition of Leadership – Without our people, we would have empty offices, useless aircraft, and vessels tied to piers. Without leadership, we would have people without purpose – people with no direction or mission to perform. Up until I was at my third unit, had nearly ten years in the Coast Guard, and had been a First Class Boatswain’s Mate for almost six years, I cannot recall being subject to any positive leadership experiences. The units and operational community that I served in for my first two tours were comprised of members with a very self-centered mentality. It always seemed as though the senior members were trying to bring others down in hopes of making themselves look better, and junior members were forced to fight for table scraps like wild dogs. I was raised in this environment, from E2 to E6, where policy was not referenced, and things were done a certain way “Because that’s how they have been done in the past”. We usually did things for one of two reasons: because we had no choice or for personal benefit. Those at the unit with positional power did not look out for their people; they were too worried about their own agendas. We followed them because we had to, not because we wanted to. Leadership is the art of gathering followers, giving them a purpose, and developing them into someone that others will in turn want to follow. I did not begin to witness this phenomenon until it was nearly too late. My first taste was during my tour…
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