Leadership Influences Throughout My Career

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1. Leadership is creating an environment where individuals within your sphere of influence are inspired to move forward with the short term goals, plans, missions, and strategic intent of an organization while performing within the bounds of that organizations moral and ethical boundaries. 2. The leadership influences throughout my career stem mostly from positive interactions with my supervisors. Although there are some instances where negative attitudes and leadership affected my professional career, those moments are far outweighed by the positive influences I have routinely been fortunate enough to experience. To be fair, I had created situations early on in the Coast Guard that put some individuals in a position to make some tough decisions. I would not have been faced with the effects of poor leadership in these instances had I not acted in certain ways. Both positive and negative experiences can be filled with leadership influence and addressing both is the only way to fully cover what has affected me throughout my career. 3. In 1997 I was a Fireman Apprentice onboard the CGC DILIGENCE and considered myself a hard worker dedicated to the unit and Coast Guard missions. For the most part there was nothing too noteworthy that happened for the first 10 months I was onboard that created a specifically memorable positive leadership moment, there was a consistent 10 months of supervisors staying involved and encouraging me early in my career. Their actions set the
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