Leadership Interview : A Team Building

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Leadership Interview Joshua Obra American University of Health Sciences Leadership Interview Team building is very important in the workplace as all of the staff members have equally important roles in the unit. Team building is defined as the process of deliberately creating and unifying a group into a functioning team (Huber, 2014). Without a solid relationship in a team the unit cannot function with maximum performance (Boies, 2015). Today we interviewed Queenie who is the manager of a local Asian-fusion restaurant in Torrance called Yellow Fever. It is not based on the deadly disease, but is an embracement and spread of the Asian culture. Yellow Fever is an Asian-fusion restaurant that serves Asian themed bowls based on the city they 're from such as the Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, and California. She has been working there since the opening of the restaurant in December 2013 and recently risen to a managerial position based on her increased experience with the restaurant and handling of customer relations. Summary of Interview and Achievements The interview started with her personal description of a general day at the restaurant was like from opening to closing. On average the restaurant serves about three-hundred customers throughout the day. At any given time, there are four staff members that is either at the cash register, preparer or cleaner and two cooks. The restaurant employs a “no-tipping” policy and if the customer leaves a tip on the table, the server will
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