Leadership Interview : Wayne Jiang, An Automobile Chassis Expert

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Leadership Interview Essay
Recently, Wayne Jiang, an automobile chassis expert, accepted my interview. I met him at auto home first time, which is a website of the car enthusiast. Wayne is 63-year-old now. He had stayed in the position of chief engineer for more than thirty years before he retired. In the conversation, the most interesting part is his two dreams called “Drift Along, Do Nothing” and “To Aid, Gold Glitter.” From then on, when he was in the fanciful age, Wayne made a decision that changed his life.
As a charismatic leader, Wayne mentions that he is in an extended family, including his and his wife’s parents, children, and their children. It deserves to spare a considerable quantity of time and energy, which is Wayne’s wish and guilty all along. Drew Dudley said, “There 're only six billion understandings of the world, and if you change one person 's understanding of it, one person 's understanding of what they 're capable of, one person 's understanding of how much people care about them, one person 's understanding of how powerful an agent for change they can be in this world, you 've changed the whole thing.(Dudley, 2010 )” As a family member, Wayne’s understanding is,“To lead people, walk behind them.” His children, brother, and sister spare their semi or a whole day to exercise with the old at home almost every weekend. Wayne had been doing this for many years. The family practice stems from the sight of Wayne’s mom out of breath after dropping waste and…

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