Leadership Interview and Summary Paper

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Leadership Interview & Summary Paper Artic Mechanical, Inc. is a family-owned and operated HVAC and refrigeration company located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The company consists of over 150 employees in more than four states. Mona Gamboa is the account manager for some of the company’s more high profile and lucrative clientele. This paper is based of an interview with Ms. Gamboa and her opinions on motivation, the roles of groups and teams, and the organizational structure of Artic Mechanical, Inc.] Ms. Gamboa has developed a leadership style all her own by incorporating small incentives and motivation to employees for accomplishing tasks and meeting time-sensitive goals. She understands that motivation, the use of teams and incorporating the organizational structure of Artic Mechanical, Inc. play a key role in the attitudes, actions and ethic of her team members. Mona grew up in an under-privileged neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. Oftentimes, there was no one home to help her with the duties of the household as her mother worked two jobs and her dad had passed away when she was eight. Later, during her junior year of high school, Mona dropped out after finding out she was expecting her first son, Sergio. Sergio and her other children are Mona’s biggest motivation to be a success at home and in the corner office. At Artic Mechanical, Mona serves as the cornerstone in customer relations and vendor-customer communication. Understanding Motivation:
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