Leadership: Invictus Movie Report

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Clint Eastwood, with his movie Invictus, notches another success which uses a rugby championship as a means for examining South Africa 's transition from apartheid. Two characters are highlighted: Nelson Mandela (played by Morgan Freeman) the new president of South Africa (1994-1999) and the captain of the Springboks, François Pienaar (played by Matt Damon). After being locked up for 27 years, Nelson Mandela returns to politics. He symbolizes the new South Africa in which Black and White have the same rights, and the same opportunities. Mandela is calm and confident, but fully aware that his country could erupt into political violence with the least provocation. Mandela 's strategy is to embrace his opposition, a tactic that distances him…show more content…
Some of them don’t want to go there and don’t want to learn this anthem. Pienaar has one sentence that impacts people minds: “Times change, we need to change as well”. That’s the start of this new fighting spirit that leads the Springboks to the World cup championship game. In this movie we have the feeling Pienaar learns from a great leader, Mandela, and he gets how to be one in the last game. All the team is defeated. The Springboks don’t succeed to stop Lomu, the best New Zealand player.

Pienaar takes his responsibilities and leads the others to victory. “Come boys. What the heck are we doing? Lomu is killing us. Forwards, we must start scrumming. We must disrupt them at the first phase. Can 't allow Lomu to get the ball in space. He 's freaking killing us. But listen, if Lomu gets the ball, whoever 's there... James, Joost... hit the fucking guy, hold onto him, hold him. Help will come, help will be there. He may break my arm. He may break my leg. He may break my neck. But he is not going to get past me.“ François Pienaar becomes what Mandela was expecting him to be before the World Cup. He is the captain of the new symbol of South Africa. He has not only inspired his teammates but also all the white population. He is now an example for everyone.

Francois’ last speech is an inspirational one. During the final game against New Zealand, Pienaar impresses his
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